In Lithologic, Bluestone is understood as a kind of hard limestone derived from sedimentary stones, as a result of the accumulation of a variety of crinoids (formed from inorganic body of animals and plants live in sea water). Bluestone was crystallized by the layer of very fine crystals containing Carbone makes the color of bluestone.

According to the research and analysis by Belgium Building Research Institute, Vietnamese bluestone has high hardness, withstand severe weather such as temperature below zero and water resistance (0.04%). Therefore, Vietnamese Bluestone can be processed into finished products such as perforated shark, hash, sand grinding, flame... which are suitable for garden paths, sidewalks, outdoor sculpture…

Our bluestone products can be processed into various finishes like Tumbled, Sanded, honed, Scraped, Sawcut, Antique… under export standard.

Besides that, Thanh Hoa also is cradle of Multicolor Yellow Marble - people also call Lemon and Yellow BS marble. These materials have been exporting to EUR, USA, Canada, Asia market as polished tiles, slabs, tumbled, antique processing, etc…



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